Blacksmiths Beach

Going four wheel driving doesn’t require taking weeks off work to tackle the Cape or the Simmo, Sometimes there are some absolute pearlers just around the corner!

Roughly an hour and thirty minutes drive north from Sydney takes you to the coastal town of Belmont and the awesome Blacksmiths Beach. With sun, sand, and sea this place ticks all the boxes for a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for any keen four wheel driver. With soft sand and large dunes Blacksmiths provides a challenge for drivers of all experience levels. Before driving onto the beach i stopped and aired down to 16psi (I ended up going down to 12 to tackle the dunes) and then we were onto some awesome four wheel driving. With the surplus of twisting dunes to climb it was almost too easy to forget that there was crystal blue ocean less than two hundred metres from us.

I certainly loved taking my trusty old Land Cruiser up there tackling the steep sand dunes (well mostly anyway). At thirty years old it was certainly no spring chicken but with perseverance, low-range, and a heavy right foot it went where all the newer cars went and I reckon did a better job of it too. Once on top of the dune the view was spectacular to say the least.
While we only went up for the day I could definitely see myself rolling out the swag, lighting a campfire, and throwing a line out into the surf in an attempt to catch something that’s not a gumboot.

Some advice I’d give to anyone looking to enjoy their time on Blacksmith’s is to make sure you’ve aired down your tyres appropriately and be prepared to air down some more. As I said, I started on 16psi and had to go down to 12psi for some of the dunes. Additionally avoid driving on the water’s edge as I was told by locals while up there that the sand gets notoriously boggy. Be sure to have all the recovery gear you think you’ll need and have an awesome time at Blacksmith’s!

Article & images by Aidan Pitsis

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